Ever been asked for advice?

Have friends ever asked for your advice about finding or buying products or services?

Have you ever received useful recommendations from friends?

Tippstr makes it quick and easy to share these recommendations...

  • Redeem discounts

    from local shops and tradespeople and support your community.

  • Share recommendations

    for businesses, products and services with your friends.

  • Get rewarded

    when friends redeem the discounts you have shared with them.

Business owners...

Do word of mouth recommendations attract new customers to your business?

Tippstr makes it easy & rewarding for loyal customers to recommend your business to their friends.

It's free to set up and you only pay for recommendations that result in a sale.

  • High quality customers

    Friend2Friend recommendations attract customers who really value and appreciate your product, not just the price.

  • Leverage discounts

    into viral customer acquisition opportunities. Every discount redeemed is an opportunity to attract more new customers.

  • Pay per sale only

    Free setup, advert views are free, only pay for successful sales. No commitment, you can start or stop at any time.

Find out more...

To find out more about how Tippstr can attract new customers to your business (or just have a question you want to ask) please feel free to contact us.